Griet Hellinckx


Even in the middle of the darkest night, we never doubt that the next morning the sun will rise and that the world will be revealed by its light as on any other day. Nevertheless when we start investigating that which is light, we face more and more riddles as we proceed. Inner and outer realms, the visible and the invisible start to meet.

In my life there is an abundance and diversity of experiences and activities. Light plays an essential role in it.

In my paintings I have tried for many years to capture the light, as it becomes visible in the many colours of this world. In the art gallery you find some of my work.

Thanks to the OLHT-Healer-Training I have become familiar with light as a healing force. This is awe-inspiring.

As Light can not really be observed by the senses, this fact leads us –often unnoticed- into the realm of the Spirit, the Divine. In the mystic traditions the unity behind the colourful diversity of the different religions has always shone through. Light has been associated with God and  the essence of Being. To me it becomes really exciting, when such experiences lead people to become socially active.